SJE Rhombus - Manufacturers

Apr 5, 2020

Introduction to SJE Rhombus

K & B Contracting, a leading company in the Business and Consumer Services - Real Estate industry, proudly manufactures and distributes the top-quality products from SJE Rhombus. With decades of experience, expertise, and a commitment to excellence, SJE Rhombus has become a trusted name in the industry.

What Makes SJE Rhombus Stand Out?

When it comes to reliable and innovative solutions for liquid control and monitoring, SJE Rhombus is the go-to choice. Their products are known for their exceptional performance, durability, and cutting-edge technology. Whether you are looking for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, SJE Rhombus has you covered.

SJE Rhombus Product Range

At K & B Contracting, we offer a wide range of SJE Rhombus products designed to meet your specific needs. Our inventory includes:

1. Control Panels

SJE Rhombus control panels are intelligently designed to ensure seamless operation and efficient monitoring of liquid levels. These panels are equipped with advanced features such as alarm systems, pump controls, and intuitive interface options.

2. Float Switches

Float switches by SJE Rhombus are engineered to provide accurate liquid level detection and control. These switches are available in various configurations and materials to suit different applications. With their reliable functionality, they ensure smooth operation and prevent potential system failures.

3. Pump Switches

SJE Rhombus pump switches are designed to effectively control pumps and prevent overflow or dry run situations. These switches utilize advanced technology to maintain optimal fluid levels, prolonging the life of your pumping systems and reducing maintenance costs.

4. Alarms and Sensors

Ensure constant monitoring and early detection of liquid level anomalies with SJE Rhombus alarms and sensors. These devices send alerts and notifications when critical levels are reached, providing you with peace of mind and the ability to address potential issues promptly.

Benefits of Choosing SJE Rhombus

Here are some key benefits that set SJE Rhombus apart from other manufacturers:

1. Unparalleled Quality

SJE Rhombus products are built to last. With high-grade materials and rigorous quality control standards, you can trust that their products will perform reliably even in demanding environments.

2. Advanced Technology

Investing in SJE Rhombus means investing in the latest technological advancements in liquid control and monitoring. Their products are equipped with state-of-the-art features and intelligent systems to deliver optimal performance.

3. Customizable Solutions

Recognizing the diverse requirements of their customers, SJE Rhombus offers extensive customization options. Whether it's adjusting switch sensitivities or integrating specific features, they can tailor their products to meet your unique needs.

4. Proven Reliability

SJE Rhombus products have earned a reputation for their reliability. Countless customers worldwide rely on their solutions for critical liquid management applications, knowing that they won't let them down.


When it comes to exceptional products and unmatched reliability in liquid control and monitoring, SJE Rhombus products manufactured by K & B Contracting are the industry leaders. With their renowned quality, advanced technology, and a diverse range of products, they address the unique needs of customers across various sectors. Trust SJE Rhombus and K & B Contracting to provide you with the best liquid control solutions in the industry.